Debit Card Rewards

Ampre is a program that links offers from merchants directly to your debit rewards card, giving you cash back to your account. You earn cash back to your card simply by using your card at participating Ampre merchants. Create your account to sign up for notifications, view the participating merchants and the amount of cash back you have earned with Ampre.

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How much cash back do I get?

All Ampre merchants offer a % cash back reward on your qualifying purchase. However, merchants may also have additional rewards that they offer for traveling out of your way, visiting at one of their slower times or making several purchases. You will earn cash back for all offers you are eligible for, up to the maximum percentage set by a merchant.

NOTE: Rewards only accumulate if you use the “credit” option when using your debit card. To determine qualifying purchases and the specific cash back awarded, please review the offer details for each participating merchant listed on the Ampre website at

When will I receive my cash back?

You will receive the cash back to your account typically within 1 week after the qualified transaction has been processed and a statement credit will be automatically issued to your debit rewards card. This cash back may be surrendered in accordance with Ampre’s Terms and Conditions if you return or reverse the qualifying transaction.

You can update the primary card on your account by visiting your profile. You can view your rewards earned on the My Savings page.