Switch Kit


SCU’s goal is to make switching your account(s) run as smooth as possible.  The information below provides useful tools to get you started.  If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to visit one of our convenient locations or call us for assistance at 920.682.8500.

Step 1 – Open your SCU account
Have your old account information on hand like the old financial institution name, routing number and your old account number.  And for your new account with us, SCU’s routing number is the first 9 numbers printed on the bottom of your checks – #275979267.

Step 2 – Gather Information
Review your account statements to identify all forms of automatic payments to and withdrawals from your former account.  In many cases, you can change your billing information online or by phone; being able to verify your identity and authorize these changes will make the process very efficient.  To change automatic payments in person or by mail, click on the 
Transfer Your Automatic Payments form and print one for each company you make automatic payments to. 

Step 3 – Transfer Direct Deposits
Direct deposit makes it possible for your paycheck, social security payments and other checks to be deposited directly into your account(s).  Call or stop in one of our locations to receive a Direct Deposit letter for each company or organization that deposits money into your account and notify them of your new account number(s).

Step 4 – Close Your Old Account
Once your last check, automatic withdrawal, and/or automatic payment has cleared, you are ready to close your old account and destroy all remaining checks, ATM/Debit Cards and deposit slips.  Be sure all of your Direct Deposits are depositing to your new SCU account.