EalertsStay on top of your finances with E-Alerts, a free service that sends you a text or email message when selected transactions are made.

These messages can give you your account balance, alert you when your paycheck is deposited or a withdrawal is made, help you avoid over-drafting by sending an alert when your account falls below a dollar amount (you pick the amount) send a reminder when a loan payment is due & more!


Setting up E-Alerts is easy:

  1. Login to “Online Banking”
  2. Select “CU Services” from the menu list along the top of the webpage
  3. Select “Manage E-Alerts”
  4. Click “Add”
  5. View the list of available eAlerts, fill out the criteria
  6. Enter the email address* (You can receive emails as texts on your phone by entering your phone number followed by your mobile service provider’s email domain. Please contact your mobile service provider if you don’t know the complete mobile address, or if you need to confirm that your phone is text enabled. For example “1234567890@provider.com)     Examples of Common Mobile Addresses
  1. Click “Submit” and that’s it – you will begin receiving E-Alerts.**
  2. You can add, delete or change the E-Alerts you receive within the “Manage E-Alerts” section on mobile banking.

*If you experience issues when trying to enter or choose an email address for the alerts, please go into “CU Services” and then “Email Preferences” to verify the email address is confirmed to receive the alerts.

**There is no charge when signing up for E-Alerts, but message and data rates may apply from your mobile service provider. Please call your mobile service provider to verify.

Need help?

A Member Service Representative will be happy to assist you, please call 920.682.8500.